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bookThe Storytelling Classroom

Sherry Norfolk, Jane Stenson, Diane Williams
Foreword by Syd Lieberman

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The Storytelling Classroom is an inspiring, practical and immediately applicable collection of preK through eighth grade lesson plans by and for teachers and media specialists who use storytelling in the classroom and storytellers who work in the classroom. Each lesson plan is linked to National Standards in Language Arts Social Studies, Math or Science and accompanied by an essay which provides a glimpse of the alchemy that occurs when students, teachers and story are brought together: student engagement, classrooms that are alive with thinking students, LEARNING!

bookAnnie Mae Jumps the Broom

Diane Williams

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The book Annie Mae Jumps the Broom mimics history and folklore. This story helps explain a tradition that has been revitalized in African-American weddings today. The celebration and rich culture in this story will captivate any reader’s interest. Annie Mae Jumps The Broom is the story of two slaves who were in love and wanted to get married. Aunt Minnie, the counselor on the plantation encouraged the couple to wait a few days until they were sure. Finally the day arrives and everyone was excited. They fixed up a mess of food and Cousin Sue made a cake. Immediately after the ceremony, Old Master came over the hillside looking all around for that cake Cousin Sue had baked! “He always did like something sweet, you know.” Annie Mae Jumps the Broom is an intermediate children's color picture book.


audioMississippi Storytelling - A Heap of Comfort

by Diane Williams

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The audio cassette, Mississippi Storytelling - A Heap of Comfort, is a collection of words gathered from the fragments of memories, from the sounds on cool running waters, and from the whispers heard on the wind. The stories that are included on the cassette tape will certainly offer a heap of comfort for ages 10 and over. The stories included on this audio cassette are: · Momma and Papa’s Wisdom lets us know that the elders are wiser and smarter than we think. · Love is Like Cornbread is one of those stories that is embedded in a bit of truth and a bit of what folks had to say about it all. · The Railroad Story is rich in the history of how railroads came into existence and is taken straight from the hearts of the men who worked and toiled to make it happen. · Annie Mae Jumps the Broom takes place during slavery time and sheds light on the term “Jumping the Broom.” A man once said, “I’ve never jumped over a broom (to get married), but I’ve certainly run from a few in my day.” · Celie-Midwife lets you know that there were some things about slavery that were left unsaid, but the pride of the people who survived were strengthened because of their experiences. · A Heap of Comfort comes from the oral tradition representative of the stories we treasure in our hearts.